Wednesday, July 18, 2012

N.S. might have to ban glass in bars, judge says

Coming to your local bar ... plastic cups? According to a provincial court judge in Nova Scotia, it may be time for the provincial government (and one would assume provincial governments across Canada) to ban glass glasses and bottles in bars.
According to Judge Lenehan, "I'm beginning to think that provincial authorities should start looking at drinking establishments and prohibiting glass objects from being in there". The judge went on to say, "Far too often the courts are dealing with a situation where somebody has grabbed either the glass that's in their hand or a beer bottle and either smashed it over somebody's head or into somebody's face". "If we had plastic bottles and plastic drinking glasses in the taverns, we wouldn't have people suffering facial injuries".

The judges comments stem from the handing down of a conditional sentence to Marissa Dawn Nauss, 26, for hitting a young woman last February with a liquor-filled glass during a night of partying at a Nova Scotia bar.

However, why stop at banning glass glasses and bottles? Why not require helmets and face masks for bar patrons? What about forks and knives at restaurants? Both are sharp and pose risk of bodily harm to diners everywhere. What about staircases? They pose risks to less than sober tavern patrons. Ban those as well!

The point Judge Lenehan misses here is that inanimate objects such as glass bottles, forks, and knives, do not pose risk to bar and restaurant patrons. The idiots that decide to pick them up and use them as weapons pose the real risk. Deal with these idiots and let law abiding bar patrons enjoy their beverages from a frosty glass. By forcing other patrons to go without glass, not only does this pose additional regulatory burdens on bar and restaurant owners, it also lessens the enjoyment of patrons. Ever try drinking wine from a plastic cup?

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  1. This has been an issue in Britain as well. Any value placed on personal accountability is rendered impotent by statist politicians pandering to the "protection of society".